Success is an Esteemed Tradition

Success is not solitary. It is a transmission of esteemed tradition from occupation to occupation. That can be achieved through customizing the business needs and training the users for expertise.

Customizing fundamentals:

Mawazin satiates every customization need of forms, reports or queries with huge complexities of Multi-nationals to modest requirements of SMEs. With talented team of software programmers and engineers we ensure that all clients gain maximum value.

Training for Success Targets:

Our various training packages for different level of expertise is our adroitness. These are offered for both beginners and advanced Tally users. Training solutions are specially designed for corporate level as well as individuals to impart greater financial returns and speed-up work. Client can immediately recognize performance improvement and cost-reduction with a systematic workflow.

Hospital Management


Club Management


School/University Management


Hotel KOT Management


Transport Management


Vehicle & Machinery Hiring


Project Management


Special MBS Key Features


Manufacturing Management


Property Management


Hr & Payroll Management


Fixed Assist Management