Our Vision

We deliver business solutions that provide our clients with the information and systems they need to effectively and efficiently manage their business.

Our Mission

We will focus on generating the best ideas, then drive ourselves to turn them in to ideal business solution.

Our Company Profile

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Mr. Ali

Ali Mohammed

Leadership Message

I have a strong belief that business always requires the same ingredients for success: a winning combination of talent and personalities, full commitment, and the right management. Mawazin is based on these principles. Our goal is to realize our team ideas, dreams, and ambitions with potential for long-term growth. We at Mawazin continue to innovate and design solutions that add value to our esteemed clients, as our success lies in theirs.

Our employees are our biggest asset. Leveraging their collective talent allows us to undertake complex projects even in the harshest of operating environments. As a company that operates across the length and breadth of Bahrain, we believe our responsibilities goes beyond our clients, to the larger community that we operate in. While we take pride in our legacy, we acknowledge that the journey ahead is challenging. Our business environment has seen drastic changes in the light of rising commodity prices, labour shortages, stiff competition and a strict regulatory environment. However, we are confident that through the devotion and hard work of our staffs, we will reinvent our operations with a drive towards industry leading ‘PROCESS EXCELLENCE’ so as to deliver our projects on time and with the quality that our customers expects from us.